70 miles per hour rc cars.
70 mph RC Cars

Super Fast 70 MPH RC Cars

Here are gas rc cars that can exceed 70 mph. These are really fast!

Update: The CEN CT5 nitro rc car is 73mph out of the box.

CEN 70+ mph

CEN has released a line of gas powered rc cars that have been clocked at 73.4 mph. There is a Porsche 911 GT3, Subaru Impreza, Citrogen, Mercedes CLK, and BMW 320i. The 70+ mph is achieved by a 2 speed transmission and 2.5 nitro engine. These 1/10 nitro rc cars will supposedly reach 80+ mph by using the optional 3-speed transmission.

Side view of a 70+ mph nitro rc car.
70+ mph Citrogen

The chassis is the CT4S, using a big block 2.5, 35,000 rpm, 3-port engine. This kit comes with anti-roll bars, 2-speed transmission, 75cc fuel tank, oil filled shocks, countersunk chassis, pivot ball suspension, colored manifold, tuned pipe, 4-wheel drive, soft V thread tires, and full ball bearings. The kit comes with a Mirage III pistol grip radio.

70mph Porsche Nitro Car
70+ mph Porsche 911 GT3

You will need to buy R/C car hobby fuel, fuel bottle, glow plug igniter, all sold separately.

Owner's Review of the CEN CT4S

The Cen Ct4s is very fast car. Its one of the fastest on the market. The only car i know that is faster than it is the Schumacher Fusion. The ct4s has great handling and the design is sweet. 

Only one thing i find kinda bad, is the radio. I think Cen could make better radios than the one they give with the ct4s. I aint saying the radio is rubbish, its kinda alright with me but it could be better. When i go racing on Sundays, the only car that gives me competition is my friends Schumacher nitro fusion, but the rest of cars we just flash past them like they aint even moving.

I couldn't believe at first when i saw the price of the car because i was expecting this to be selling like for $500us or somewhere around that region but they are available like for $330 or a little above that. Anyone who want to feel the true speed of a rc car should get the ct4s.

Julius Innis

CEN CT4S Chassis View

"Unless you're on a racetrack, the CT4 S probably won't have too many running mates when it reaches its upper speeds. There just aren't many RTR cars that can boast more than 50mph out of the box. But with its race-ready suspension and chassis, the CT4 S shouldn't be typecast as a straight-line speed machine. Most weekend racing clubs don't have strict engine-size rules, and I can easily imagine a CT4 S running at the track on Saturday morning and then finishing the day with neighborhood-bragging-rights speed runs. Sounds like fun!" - Radio Control Car Action

"There is simply no doubt, the CEN CT4-S is the fastest RTR on the market today. Out of the box, it is the only 1/10 Nitro Sedan that can break the 70mph barrier." - WildHobbies.com

70 mph RC Cars for Sale

Ready to buy? Vist the rc hobby shop section of this website for a list of online stores where you can buy these gas r/c models.

These fast gas rc cars are definitely not for beginners. You can buy them from your local hobby shop. If they do not have it, you can buy from a reputable online rc store.

P.S. Again, these are are very fast, definitely not for beginners and should only be run in rc car tracks or isolated places where there are no people or property that could be damaged by a 70 mph rc car.


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