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Photos, video and review of four wheel drive short course rc trucks. Click on the photos to see a larger picture.

4x4 RC Trucks Short Course

My 10 year old daughter photographed this. 1/10 electric 4wd rc trucks jumping in all directions. Nice shot Porsha.

4x4 RC Trucks Short Course Video Highlight

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4x4 RC Trucks short Course Racing

Currently 1/10 scale 4x4 short course radio controlled trucks are the most popular class in electric off-road racing in our local racing scene.

Photo 4wd Short Course RC Truck

My daughter taking a picture of me taking a photo of a 4wd short course rc truck. Lol.

4x4 RC Truck Short Course Jumping

A short course remote control truck jumping 6 feet in the air and landing 15 feet away. So exciting to see beautiful jumps.

4x4 RC Truck Jumping Fail

How not to do a jump. Ouch.

4x4 RC Trucks Short Course Kicking Dirt

Kicking dirt in the air is part of the fun. Close racing action.

4x4 Radio Control Trucks Short Course Tabletop Jumps

Table top jumping action. Radio control 4wd short course trucks catching air.

4x4 RC Trucks Short Course are Durable

A 4-foot drop to the ground. 4wd remote controlled short course trucks are very durable indeed.

Traxxa RC Truck Short Course

The truck that started it all. The Traxxas short course rc truck.

4x4 RC Trucks SC Big Jumps

1/10th scale electric powered short course rc trucks handling big jumps with ease.

Associated SC10 4x4 Short Course RC Truck

The 1/10 Team Associated SC10 4x4 short course chassis. Fully enclosed gear and belt transmission. Nice clean layout.

Team Losi 4x4 Short Course RC Truck

The main rival of Team Associated is the Team Losi 4wd short course rc truck. Team Losi has a more conventional shaft drive transmission. Heavier chassis gives it more stability. Locally this is the truck to beat.

4x4 RC Trucks Short Course Review

My daughter and I visited the Sonic Boom off-road track to get a feel for 4x4 short course rc truck action. We arrived just in time for qualifying and took some photos and videos. What excited us was seeking these trucks jump and catch a lot of airtime. Kicking dirt and door to door banging added to the fun.

Also surprised to see how durable these kits were. Some many crashes yet very little damages or broken parts.

For me I would love to race these models. However, my daughter felt it was too dirty. But she did enjoy taking the action photos. She said a stone even hit her head while taking a photo. 

If you love dirt, dust, jumps and banging, this is the racing class for you.

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4wd RC Trucks Short Course Rear View

Rear view of these rc trucks. Thanks for reading. The end.

Where to Buy 4x4 Short Course R/C Trucks

At your local hobby shop or try the rc store page.

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