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Radio Control R/C Cars - Fast, Cheap, Buy on Sale

Over 500 pages of photos, reviews and videos on radio controlled r/c cars, trucks and buggies. General sections to give a basic overview are the Electric, Nitro and Gas powered model guide. Then specific categories such as Formula One, Drift, Short Course, Touring, Monster, Crawlers, Scale 4x4, Rally and more.

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Update: Buyers Guide to 2012 rc car models.

RC Car Tips Aug 2012 Magazine
RC Car Tips Aug 2012
RC Car Tips June 2012
RC Tips June 2012
RC Trucks Guide
RC Trucks Guide

Answers to frequently asked questions such as "how fast do they go", "how much do they cost" and "what are the best brands and recommended models." Sit back and enjoy the site. RCCarTips is my labor of love since 2003, writing about the hobby I enjoy since 1978. And many thanks if you can join the facebook page (like at the bottom) and share this website with your friends.

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Electric R/C Guide
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F1 R/C Cars
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Nitro RC Guide
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70mph RC Cars
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Short Course Trucks
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RC Semi Trucks
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Touring Cars Guide
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Associated Remote Control Cars
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Fastest RC Cars Over 100mph
Fastest RC Cars Over 100mph
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RC Cars Cheap and Fast
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RC Drift
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RC Car Tips Magazine Feb 2012
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Savage 25 RC Truck
RC Car Dyno Software
RC Dyno Software
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Kyosho Mini-Z RC Cars
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Gas RC Cars
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Remote Control Helicopters
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RC Trucks for Sale
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Cheap Tamiya RC Cars 2012
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Short Course RC Trucks Comparison
Tamiya F150 Ford Ranger Remote Control Car
Tamiya F150 Ford Ranger
Mini RC Cars
Mini RC Cars
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RC Cars Tamiya 2011
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Electric RC Cars
Cheap Electric RC Cars
Cheap Electric RC Cars
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Super Cheap Nitro RC Cars
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Cheap Remote Control Cars
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